About Us

The Bike Shed is the biggest disorganised bike club in New Zealand. Membership is completely free and all we ask is that you enjoy yourself. Members of the club meet at the Okoroire Hotel and then enjoy riding the twisty empty roads of the Waikato.

Members enjoy discounted rates at the hotel and there are always special offers available. Why not join now by clicking on the link, it's free and easy. We will keep you informed of special events at Okoroire and runs and ride outs planned.

We also aim to make this site the one website you need to find out about biking events big and small, so if you know of an event anywhere in New Zealand that we haven't listed, let us know and we will add it to the list.

The Bike Shed is dedicated to bikers enjoying biking freely and safely.

Rules Of The Shed

  • All are welcome, but please leave your attitude and mother in law at home.
  • Remember to say hello to Hugh when you arrive, you never know you might get a free drink (Yeah Right).
  • Membership of the club is limited to people with a pulse and a motorcycle, having one does not prove you have the other.
  • The Bike Shed is a fun club, keep it that way OR ELSE!
  • Members who attend the Bike Shed more regularly will have more fun than those of you who are just sitting reading this website!
  • Bikes are for riding not polishing. Test ride your bike today, come to the Bike Shed for a chat and a meal.
  • People (or bikes) leaving pools of oil in the car park will be asked to take their junk heap home and fix it.
  • It is more important to get to the Bike Shed than to arrive quickly, keep your speed down, the Police are bored and have quotas to meet (only joking officer, I am sure you would much rather be doing something more productive)
  • Any member who turns up in a car and claims membership shall be shunned and ridiculed like the fair weather dog that they are.